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2012: Chatière triangulaire

Bonjour, J'imagine que ce n'est plus un sujet, mais il y a avait une solution avec l'outil raccordement.

Posted: by philouie-

2014 CW Sliding Opened Door

Yes. Just for visualization purposes. So, you are saying I would be better off having 2 door panels (opened + closed) with a visibility parameter to choose on whether I would like the door to show open or closed? I will give it a try with using the nested family too. Thank you. J

Posted: by jagostinho134030

2014 Shaded With Edges display

Hi, I am wondering about something in Inventor and I never could figure out what is causing this. With certain designs, when the visual style "Shaded with Edges" is active, some edges seem to not display correctly - or I am doing something wrong. See the following example: Attachment 96424...

Posted: by marduk.kurios679215

2012 Closures / Map Check

---Quote (Originally by Jeff_M)--- ...I've found that by creating my parcels with basic geometry (lines, arcs, polylines) and converting to parcels is much easier than using most of the Parcel Creation tools. ---End Quote--- 1+... :beer:

Posted: by BlackBox

2010 Autocad block attribute / attsync problem

---Quote (Originally by ian.sawdon)--- Hi all, I have created multiple blocks with attributes and created a tool palette. I have since updated the blocks to allow for background mask and have redefined the block. The problem is, that I have modified the colour of the text on numerous (approx...

Posted: by tedg

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